And so it begins


In my previous post, I outlined the plan that the Year 1 team and I came up with for our upcoming integrated unit. The unit officially begins on March 9.

As I also mentioned in my previous post, I am a technology integration coach at my school and technology speaking, my job is to coach and upskill teachers (I don’t work directly with students). Yesterday, the school released everyone in the Y1 team to sit with me for 3 1/2 hours and focus on understanding the apps we’ll be using for specific learning engagements during this upcoming UOI.

For this training session, I prepared some visuals and and an overview.

When making this training slideshow, I tried to keep Presentation Zen ideals in mind (I made mention of these in my post titled WHAMOO).

– I know that it is said that your presentation shouldn’t be able to stand alone, I have to balance this with leaving teachers a presentation that information is still accessible when I’m not there to speak to it.

– Also, keeping the ‘picture superiority effect‘ in mind, I tried to let a few good pictures tell the story.

– I tried to make good use of colours. I used a black background as this gives the impression of strength and authority and white and yellow for the text as it was contrasting but also gives a feel of optimism and clarity.

– Finally, I just tried to keep things as simple as possible.

The App Smashing task was the best part.  I gave teachers 25 minutes to work in small groups.  They walked around the school and thought of something they would like to see their students come up with.  Each group presented their task to the rest of the team and I have to say, I was so impressed and even inspired with how they were combining apps to demonstrate understanding.  I have included some pictures of the session. Bottom line, I felt very confident that this team is excited about integrating technology in their program and I was actually jealous that I would not be able to be in the classroom doing what they will soon be doing.


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  1. What I like about your presentation is that it is on that line of standing alone and needing you there. I can still click on links and “see” what you were talking about. At the same time I’m wishing I was in that training to hear you.

    This is a different type of presentation…it’s not a keynote type that can’t stand on it’s own but rather a presentation that if you were lucky enough to be there in person and then you came back and reviewed this presentation you would remember what was said, what was communicated and have just enough information to get you moving in the right direction.

    Presentation Zen is an extreme of what a great keynote should be like. You’re not doing a keynote so you back off of that and take on more of a “workshop” model. That’s OK because you presentation is also your handout…which is a great way to do it.

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